Podcast Statistics and Trends 2020 – How Many Podcasts Are There

Podcasts continue to proliferate around the globe. Podcast records and data reveal that this tool is blowing up in many nations with a growing number of audiences every year.

Podcast stats can tell extra concerning just how modern-day consumers are acting and how they engage with audio web content. All this details can assist marketers comprehend when and also how to utilize podcasts to their benefit.

At the very same time, in advertising, it’s constantly vital to know the existing trends. Podcasts are becoming a major player in advertising and marketing games. Normally, all smart marketing experts and also organisations will attempt to make one of the most out of any kind of new channel that is showing up. Not only are the consumers more open up to podcasts, yet business owners and organisations alike are starting to understand how much capacity they have for marketing. We’ve done all the difficult work to collect all the most current podcast stats and also placed them in a single post.

If you intend to find out more concerning podcasting and also that utilizes podcasts, you’ve come to the appropriate location.

  • Interesting Podcast Statistics There are more than 1 million distinct individual podcasts
  • Around 78.9 million individuals in the United States will certainly see podcasts 104 million people pay attention to podcasts in the US regular monthly 66%of consumers today favor podcasts over TV Apple Podcasts system gather 800,000+ podcast reveals
  • Mobile tools (65%) are the most recommended device for podcasts
  • 79.8% of people pay attention to podcasts while commuting
  • 65% of podcasts are paid attention on a mobile tool
  • Ad revenue from podcasts is anticipated to exceed $1 billion in 2021
  • The Joe Rogan Experience estimated earnings are $30 million every year

General realities as well as statistics

We’ll begin with some basic stats about podcasts. They can assist you understand just exactly how large they’ve expanded as well as the amount of people worldwide listen to podcasts online. These stats are concentrated on the number of people acquainted with podcasting, podcast listeners data, as well as similar numbers.

1. There are even more than 1 million one-of-a-kind specific podcasts

(Source: Listen Notes)

This number alone reveals podcast development. Certainly, not all of them achieve success. There are additionally around 66 million podcast episodes online, and over 500k shows remain in Apple Podcast.

Basically, this indicates that over 50% of all podcast shows usage Apple Podcast. This reveals that the system is the most popular selection for podcasters. Google’s crawler that indexes web content has actually located over 2 million different shows.

Also though these numbers aren’t completely precise, they indicate just how much this type of tool has actually expanded. Podcast content is expanding each year, and this fad isn’t mosting likely to stop anytime quickly.

2. There are an approximated 104 million month-to-month podcast listeners in the US

(Source: Edisonresearch, Statista, eMarket)

Edison Research has actually concluded that there are around 104 million podcast listeners in the US. Their podcast research also reveals that 212 million Americans have become aware of podcasts, while 155 million of them listened to a podcast a minimum of as soon as in their lifetime.

According to Statista, there are 86 million podcast listeners in the US, while eMarketer’s findings reveal 78.9 million customers. Truth number is most likely somewhere in the center. What’s specific is that these numbers will certainly expand in the future.

Statista’s estimates show 132 million listeners by 2022, while eMarketer’s numbers reveal a 20% boost of listeners over a 4-year period.

3. In 2020, 75% of Americans knew with podcasting

(Source: Statista.com)

Familiarity is a very vital point, even though it in fact doesn’t mean that those people are eating podcasts. Nevertheless, for a tool to end up being mainstream, it needs to come to be globally-known as this triggers inquisitiveness as well as makes people intend to attempt it out.

In 2006, just 22% of individuals over 12 found out about podcasts. In 2020 this number has actually climbed to 75%, which is 2012 million individuals. 55% of United States people have actually paid attention to at least one podcast in 2020. In 2012 this number was only 11%.

Not only that, individuals are obtaining extra aware of the podcast, but more of them are starting to consume this kind of web content.

4. 73% of United States customers find podcasts via web searches

(Source: Slideshare.net, Discoverpods.com)

According to Slideshare, prominent means individuals find podcasts consist of social media sites (67%), referrals (66%), podcast suggestions (62%), advertisements (54%), and more. Just put, individuals locate podcasts in various ways, and there isn’t a single channel they rely upon to locate fresh material.

On the various other hand, Discoverpods has uncovered that 80% of consumers locate podcasts with cross-promotion. The 2nd most preferred means is via recommendations from other individuals (72%) and also social networks (56%).

Also though individuals locate podcasts in various methods, 72.8% of them concur that discovering new programs is the largest difficulty. The 2 various other largest issues, according to audiences, are lack of understanding (49%) as well as low-quality web content (32.9%).

5. 37.6% of podcasters are energetic 3+ years

(Source: Discoverpods.com)

32.3% of podcasters are energetic with their job for around 1– 3 years, 12.9% of them have actually been active 6 months to 1 year, and 17.2% hold true newbies with much less than 6 months of work.

6. 97.7% of podcasters agree that high quality web content is vital

(Source: Discoverpods.com)

Quality material is important to 97.7% of podcasters, 96.5% of them cherish appealing audiences, and 89.7% of them know that posting material routinely is important.

Podcasts demographics

As an advertiser, you wish to know the amount of individuals listen to podcasts. This details will not do you any kind of good if you do not understand which people pay attention to which kinds of programs. To generate a successful podcast, you require to understand the listener demographics.

Besides, not all series are produced the exact same target market. There is constantly division, regardless of what kind of tool we are speaking about. When you know who your target market is, you will certainly locate it much easier to produce material that they will such as.

So let’s see what the statistics say.

7. 48% of podcast audiences in the US are aged 12 to 34

(Source: Edisonresearch.com)

Based on the age of podcast audiences in the United States, 48% of them are 12-34, 32% are 35-54 years of ages, and 20% are over 55 years old. Audiences are equally distributed in the US when it comes to genders. 51% of them are male, as well as 49% are female.

The ethnic culture of podcast listeners data in the United States is 63% white, 11% African-American, 11% Hispanic, 5% Asian, and also 10% other.

8. As of 2020, 39% of the males and also 36% of females pay attention to podcasts month-to-month

(Source: Edisonresearch.com)

The popularity of podcasts growing for both sexes (out of the whole United States populace). Compared to 2017 where 27% of males as well as 21% of women did so on a month-to-month basis.

9. 28% of regular monthly podcast customers in the US have a postgraduate degree

(Source: Slideshare.net)

27% of month-to-month listeners have some university education and learning, 25% of them have a 4-year university, and also 20% of them have a secondary school diploma or reduced education and learning.

10. 51% of regular monthly podcast customers over 18 years old are used full time

(Source: Slideshare.net)

In the US, the exact same group takes 44% of all monthly consumers. 17% of monthly audiences around the world are utilized part-time while 12% remain in the US.

Just how people eat podcasts

Podcast designers need to recognize exactly how their content is used throughout a various spectrum of platforms as well as circumstances. All this details can help us recognize the entire podcasting industry. At the exact same time, you can discover the main driving elements for podcast usage.

Understanding just how people pay attention to podcasts online can assist you supply a far better podcasting experience, but also learn what target markets like or disapproval, as well as what will certainly matter in the future.

11. 79.8% of people listen to podcasts while commuting

(Source: Discoverpods.com)

Other most popular selections for paying attention to podcasts are throughout downtime (58.9%) and also while doing housework (69.3%).

12. 66% of individuals like listening to podcasts over watching TV

(Source: Discoverpods.com)

Podcasts are taken in more than TV (66%), Social Media (59%), and publications (75%).

13. Estimated 64 countless complete US population age 12+ pay attention to podcasts weekly in 2020

(Source: Edisonresearch.com)

The typical time invested people in the United States invest listening to podcasts per week is 6:39. At the exact same time, audiences taken in a standard of 7 podcasts per week. Not all of them listen to the exact same frequency.

16% of listeners only listen to a solitary podcast each week. 15% of them pay attention to 2 podcasts throughout the week. 17% pay attention 3, 21% listen 4-5, 17% listen 6-10, and also 14% take in 11+ podcasts weekly.

14. In 2019, 48.4% of individuals stated that they listen to podcasts greater than the year before

(Source: Discoverpods.com)

This podcasting research reveals that people slowly enhance the number of podcasts they listen to. 45.6% of users claim they listen to them in the very same method as the year before, while just 6% said they listened less.

15. 70% of audiences like listening to real criminal offense tales on a podcast

(Source: Discoverpods.com)

Other most popular groups are society as well as society (63%), information and national politics (55%), as well as history (50%).

16. 39% of US podcast audiences are most interested in songs subject

(Source: Slideshare.net)

Some of the other most preferred topics are information 36%, entertainment/pop culture 32%, history & & sporting activities 31%, food 30%, enigma 28%, innovation 28%, criminal activity based on real stories 28%, self-improvement 27%, and science 26%.

17. 29% of podcast audiences in the US have actually been paying attention to podcasts for 1 to 3 years

(Source: Slideshare.net)

Out of month-to-month podcast customers, 30% of individuals have also been listening to podcasts for 1 to 3 years. The numbers coincide for regular podcast followers.

18. 52% of United States podcast consumers pay attention to entire podcasts

(Source: Slideshare.net)

Just over fifty percent of podcasts customers (52%) pay attention to entire podcasts. 41% of them pay attention to the majority of programs generally, 5% of them state that they often pay attention to less than half of an episode, and also 2% of people gave up podcasts at the beginning.

A lot of individuals download podcasts to pay attention or enjoy them later on. 58% of those individuals that download and install podcasts state that they typically (76-100% of the time) pay attention to these episodes. 20% of individuals that downloaded podcasts paid attention to 51-75% of the web content they downloaded and install.

15% of consumers pay attention to 25-50% of downloaded content, and 7% just pay attention to around 1-25% of the programs. A lot of downloaded and install podcasts are downloaded and also consumed within a day after being broadcast (47%). 31% is eaten within 48 hours, 19% in a week’s time, as well as 3% after even more than a week has passed.

19. Study reveals that 45% people listeners over 12 years old, quicken their podcasts

(Source: Slideshare.net)

A phone survey from 2018 showed that 19% of individuals occasionally speed up their podcasts. On the other hand, an online survey from 2019 showed that 26% of people do so. Bear in mind that this doesn’t indicate constantly, yet sometimes.

20. 74% of people pay attention to podcasts to learn brand-new things

(Source: Slideshare.net)

The biggest inspiration for listening to podcasts is learning. The greatest number of audiences agree that they pay attention to podcasts to discover something new (74%).

The very same survey by Slideshare reveals that 71% of users state podcasts are entertaining, 60% like them because they can get upgraded on topics that matter to them, 51% discover them kicking back, 47% look for motivation in podcasts, as well as 37% like podcasts due to the fact that they aid them forget daily problems.

21. 87% of consumers choose podcast kind of content

(Source: Slideshare.net)

87% of consumers choose this kind of material due to the fact that they can do various other things while listening to podcasts. 80% of them like portability, 78% of listeners like that they can pay attention to podcasts anywhere, 76% of people like to pay attention to podcast hosts, and 73% of them like the reality that they can listen to them on a COMPUTER.

In addition, Slideshare asked audiences what it would consider them to pay attention to podcasts much more. 65% of them stated that they desire extra topics that they like, 60% would like more celeb podcasts, 57% need a lot more spare time, 50% desire podcasts were much easier to find, 45% significant less complicated accessibility, 40% of individuals want pointers, and 35% of respondents claimed much more promotion is required.

22. 90% people podcast audiences listen to podcasts at house

(Source: Statista.com)

A study carried out in Aug 2019 revealed that 90% of podcast consumers in the United States choose paying attention to podcasts in the house. Some other most prominent locations are the gym, throughout walks, as well as while commuting.

Podcasting innovation

It’s rather straightforward to begin a podcast. You require a sufficient subject, audience, as well as devices. Despite the fact that this appears quite simple, it actually isn’t. You need to investigate all of these three things to make the appropriate choice, or your podcast will not succeed.

Luckily, the podcasting industry agrees to share info concerning the innovation they utilize. Getting the right software and also devices is vital to generate high quality sounds that individuals will listen to.

Rather than losing cash on screening out the devices, you can simply see what others are utilizing and follow their lead. Recording devices and also software application progress extremely quickly, and it can sometimes be tough to keep track of adjustments.

23. 65% of podcasts are listened on a mobile gadget

(Source: Slideshare.net)

The 2nd most made use of gadgets are computer systems and also laptop computers (25%), and wise audio speakers are in 3rd area (10%).

24. Two main podcasting systems in the US are Spotify as well as Pandora

(Source: Slideshare.net)

The 2 major systems for paying attention to podcasts in the United States are Spotify and also Pandora. Out of all the people that listened to a podcast a minimum of when in their life, 43% of them made use of Spotify, while 35% used Pandora. At the same time, the month-to-month individuals on Spotify aged 12-24 expanded by 21% from 2018-2019.

Another podcast study shows that 38% of podcast listeners in the United States listen using Apple Podcast solution. Smart devices are several of the most prominent tools for listening to podcasts, and also given that there more than 100 million iPhones in the US, it makes good sense why their platform is so popular.

25. 72% of podcasters stated that they have headphones on when they are live

(Source: Thepodcasthost.com)

The Podcast Host did a survey with 200 podcasters about the modern technology they use for their job. 72% of podcasters claimed that they use headphones.
Many marketers (89.8%) use podcasts for branding advertising and marketing campaigns. Funny is following with 13.9%, after that company 12.8%, education with 10.6%, and home entertainment with 10%.(Source: Slideshare.net)

37% of listeners audiences somewhat rather extra most likely check inspectAds 39% are indifferentUncaring 3% are less likely to check out brandsBrand names and As well as% wouldn’tWould not

Podcasts Ranked by Average Weekly Downloads in the United States
Reporting Period: February 17 – – March 15, 2020

Rank Podcast Podcast network Sales depiction # of brand-new episodes 1 NPR News Now NPR National Public Media 671 2 My Favorite Murde Stitcher Midroll 8 3 The Ben Shapiro Show Cumulus Media Westwood One 21 4 Up First NPR National Public Media 25 5 Dateline NBC NBC News Wondery Brand Partnerships 17 6 Fresh Air NPR National Public Media 24 7 NPR Politics NPR National Public Media 23 8 Earth Money NPR National Public Media 8 9 Capsule Save America RADIO.COM/ Cadence13 Tempo 13 8 10 Covert Brain NPR National Public Media 4

(Source: Internet Advertisement Bureau)


These podcast statistics show podcast development over the past several years. Nonetheless, these stats also aid future podcasters find out more regarding their prospective target markets. The podcasting industry is alive and well, but there certainly is area for other individuals to sign up with and also start earning money this means.




Original source: https://firstsiteguide.com/podcast-stats/

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